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Choosing A Climate Solution Front that Suits You Best

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Although there are numerous climate actions you could take, they all fall into three general solution fronts.

Three Key Climate Solution Fronts

1. Stop putting greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) into the environment to lessen the severity of the impact from global warming. (Mitigation).

2. Draw carbon out of the air to reduce the amount of GHG in it. Offset emissions while we shift to a carbon neutral world and reverse the path we are on. (Drawdown).

3. Respond to and prepare for the natural effects of a warming planet. Recover from intense storms, droughts, floods, fires, or rising sea levels. Make our cities and neighborhoods more resilient to diminish damage from future extreme weather events. (Adaptation). As a global community, we need to take urgent action on all three fronts. However, you, as an individual, can select the climate solution area (s) that interests you the most.

Choose One or More Climate Solution Fronts

Which Climate Front–mitigation, drawdown, or adaptation–resonates most with you?
Where are you drawn to invest your resources and action?

There are no wrong answers. Making an effort in one or more of the three fronts will contribute to solving the crisis.

Now that you have a hint of which Climate Fronts and you are most interested in, the next step in the sorting process is to look at where known solutions will make the biggest difference. I’ll discuss this in my next blog post.


I’d love to know what’s grabbing your attention or what questions are running through your mind. Let me know in the comments section. I’ll respond in one of my blog posts.

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All the best,Krista / Eco-Omi

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